Junbo Wang (王俊博)
Junbo Wang (王俊博)
CSE undergraduate @SJTU-19. Keep and love learning with 💖!

A Short Bio

Hi, I’m an undergraduate from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. I’m expected to graduate in 2023.

Recently my research interest lies in Robotics Grasping and Manipulation with Computer Vision, advised by Prof. Cewu Lu and Dr. Hao-Shu Fang, in Machine Vision and Intelligence Group (MVIG) of SJTU. I am also interested in Reinforcement Learning, Theory Machine Learning and more topics in Computer Science.

More you can see my Curriculum Vitae.

Academic Performance

I enjoy the discovery of science, and I got great scores in some courses related to computer science and mathematics. At present, my average course score is 91.93/100 (or 3.99/4.3), ranking 10/118. Some selected course grades are showed in the following list.

Selected courses
  • MA-related
    • (MA248) Calculus: 97/100
    • (MA270) Linear Algebra: 94/100
    • (MA119) Probability and Statistics: 94/100
    • (MA238) Discrete Mathematics: 92/100
    • (CS445) Combinatorics: 94/100
  • CS-related
    • (EI203) Fundamentals of Electric Circuits: 100/100
    • (CS149) Data Structure: 91/100
    • (CS308) Compilers: 95/100
    • (CS467) Computational Theory: 94/100
    • (IS307) Cryptograghy and Computer Security: 96/100
    • (CS339) Computer Network: 98/100
    • (CS2309) Principles and Practice of Problem Solving: 95/100

Research Experiences

Machine Vision and Intelligence Group (MVIG) (Oct. 2020 – Present)

Research Intern   Advised by Prof. Cewu Lu and Dr. Hao-Shu Fang

  • Survey on hand manipulation taxonomy to help the design of RH100T dataset.
  • Multiple cameras calibration for RH100T scenes set up.
  • Diverse robotic arms control and diverse sensors use for RH100T scenes collection.
  • Dataset raw data process and visualization.
  • Basic skills of computer vision with deep learning.
SJTU PrP Project (Apr. 2020 – Apr. 2021)

Research Participation   Advised by Prof. Wei Qin

Participation in research program (PrP) is a project in SJTU, aiming at providing undergraduate students with an initial understanding of research.

  • Research on automatic sorting method of industrial parts based on computer vision.
  • Basic skills of computer vision with traditional features algorithms.


Honors & Awards

Shaoqiu Scholarship (SJTU, 1%) Nov. 2021
Undergraduate Class C Scholarship (SJTU, 30%) Nov. 2021
Second prize in 4th Chinese System on Chip Competition (Shanghai) Oct. 2021
National Scholarship (Ministry of Education of PRC, 1%) Dec. 2020
First prize in 12th Chinese Mathematics Competition (Shanghai) Dec. 2020
Second prize in 2020 China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modelling (Shanghai) Dec. 2020
Merit Student Award (SJTU, 5%) Nov. 2020
Undergraduate Class A Scholarship (SJTU, 1%) Nov. 2020
Second prize in 35th Chinese Physics Olympiad (Jiangxi) Nov. 2018
Second prize in 2018 Chinese High School Mathematics League (Jiangxi) Sept. 2018
2017 Chinese Virtuous Teenagers Award (Communist Youth League of China) Feb. 2018